Harry Potter and the power of vision

Mary and I have just gotten back from viewing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two. We have read, and re-read all seven books. We have listened to the Stephen Fry audio books over and over again. We have watched the interviews with J.K. Rowling and enjoyed every aspect of the series.

J.K. created a visualization of the future. She painted a picture of where she wanted to be in the future. Rather than start with today’s issues, she visualized the entire arc of the series. She wrote down the entire story line complete with the final sentence of the final book. She then worked backwards, focusing on matching her vision against the reality of where she was at the moment she started. (She had no reliable source of income, a child to support, no publisher, and nothing written to even market to a publisher.)

Knowing where she wanted to end up in the future, she identified where she had to change the status quo in the present. These became her strategic goals. She created action steps focused on executing those strategic goals. J.K. completed a version of the first book, found a publisher, accepted the need to adjust her brand from Jo to J.K., and acquired the essential element of any successful business — customers. Lots and lots of customers, a.k.a. readers. To assist in turning her vision into reality, she teamed up with excellent partners.

Success with each book provided the resources to move closer and faster to her ultimate goals. As the years progressed her vision grew to include not only the books, but movies and even a theme park.

In the word of the philosopher Yogi Berra, “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.”

Too often companies let fate take them to their destination. Sometimes it’s a good place. Often, not so good a place. Myrna Associates is all about facilitating the company process of turning vision into reality. It almost doesn’t matter what that vision is, as long as it is clear, understood by everyone who can help you get there, and informs the tactical actions you and your team are executing today, this week, this quarter, and this year.

If you want to convert the concept of strategic planning into reality, take a look at our process at myrna.com. Clients have tagged it “Myrna magic.” To arrange for a complimentary consultation to determine if the program is right for you and you are right for the program, contact us, or call us (800)207-8192.

Either way — good luck with your planning!

p.s. We loved the final movie!

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