Turn your vision into reality

There is never a convenient time nor a better time to initiate a strategic planning process. Contact us to discuss how our process can deliver an experience that is both memorable and life (corporate and personal) changing.



Not sure strategic planning is the right solution for you? Download our free report to help you assess your readiness and start you on the path to creating a strategic plan for your company:

  • Checklists to help you select the process and facilitator
  • Pointers on the CEO’s role in the strategic planning process
  • Tips on how to surface your company’s strategic issues
  • Pointers on how to establish a vision for the future, establish team consensus on strategic goals, and develop an initial action plan for each goal
  • Pointers on how to implement action plans


Myrna Associates

Inclusive packages to facilitate your strategic planning meetings, document the plan, and sustain implementation

  • A professional facilitator experienced in strategic planning and our process
  • Quality documentation delivered within a week of the planning meetings
  • Follow-up support services including review meetings and middle management presentations of the finished plan
  • Minimal time impact - for example, one hour prep for two-day meeting
  • Affordable fees as low as $8,500 for our core Silver Service

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A source of proven, skilled strategic planning facilitators

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A pragmatic, proven, executive team strategic planning process that you can use to initiate immediate change

  • Turn vision into reality
  • Build executive teamwork
  • Sustain on-going, measurable results

A conceptual framework which unifies strategic planning concepts into a simple and seamless flow between vision and tactics

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A rich source of strategic planning information and tools

  • What strategic planning can do for you
  • Information and insights on planning and implementation - published article reprints, planning myths, blogs
  • Solutions to typical issues that come out of planning meetings in the Run With The Big Dogs™ newsletters and blogs
  • Tools to facilitate your own strategic planning: meeting planning tools, "how to" books, meeting aids, etc.

A means to take action on your desire to initiate strategic planning

  • Explore this site and contact us or call us at (800) 207-8192 to arrange for a complimentary consultation to determine if our program is right for you and you are right for the program
  • Purchase a how-to strategic planning book
  • Explore the Run with the Big Dogs™ newsletters, planning article reprints, and blogs
  • Remember, while there is never a "convenient time" to do planning, your best decision is to take action today!

All products and services are backed with a 100% money-back guarantee