Outgrown Current Organizational Structure

For organizations that have outgrown their current organizational structure, strategic planning:

  • Establishes an appropriate scale of systems for their organization -- more modest than Exxon's, but more formal than Joe's Garage.
  • Identifies missing leadership skills and team members.
  • Identifies the brush-clearing goals -- documentation of procedures and policies, organizational changes, etc.
  • Sets strategic goals to "clear the brush," positioning organization for the next major move, and also Identifying and implementing the tools needed to build the tools required to get to the next level.

Customer Feedback

"The process provides so much more than just a good plan for the coming year. I have found that the process energizes the management team and the entire company as the plan is discussed. It enables me to evaluate the team from a number of different perspectives, for example, ability to think strategically, ability to work with each other, ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, etc. There is no question that Companion is a better operation because of our participation in this Myrna process."

Mr. Charles M. Potok, President - Companion Property & Casualty

What's the quickest path to these benefits?

Since 1991, organizations have been discovering that Myrna Associates' strategic planning process -- Total Quality Planning -- is the secret path to success. They have found it to be a powerful and affordable tool for coping with major transitions ranging from near bankruptcy to sudden, massive, and uncontrolled growth.

Our Silver level strategic planning is the quickest, most reliable way to implement strategic planning. It is a proven process, professionally facilitated, with prompt delivery on the documented plan.

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If our Silver Service doesn't meet your current needs, use our how-to book to implement the process yourself.

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