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There is never a convenient time nor a better time to initiate a strategic planning process. Contact us to discuss how our process can deliver an experience that is both memorable and life (corporate and personal) changing.



Not sure strategic planning is the right solution for you? Download our free report to help you assess your readiness and start you on the path to creating a strategic plan for your company:

  • Checklists to help you select the process and facilitator
  • Pointers on the CEO’s role in the strategic planning process
  • Tips on how to surface your company’s strategic issues
  • Pointers on how to establish a vision for the future, establish team consensus on strategic goals, and develop an initial action plan for each goal
  • Pointers on how to implement action plans


Strategic Planning Benefits

Strategic planning makes an immediate impact

  • It builds true teamwork by developing consensus, commitment, and trust.
  • It delivers dramatically higher results by establishing personal accountability, specific measures and action steps, a commitment of team members and company resources, and a stable investment platform.
  • It reduces stress through a shared vision, mutual trust, and tools for effective delegation.

Strategic planning strengthens the leadership team

  • It forces the leadership team to think about the big picture - look at the business through the eyes of the CEO
  • It helps team members communicate with and listen to one another's fears, insights, and dreams.
  • It makes everyone focus on what is truly important to the organization, prioritizing efforts and the use of resources.
  • It gets the team on the same page - a shared visualization of where the organization wants to be within 5,10, or 30 years.
  • It results in proactively changing the status quo with an implementation process that keeps people on schedule, on track, and regularly held accountable for 30-, 60-, and 90-day action steps.

Strategic planning keeps you from being overcome by events

  • It provides regular "stakes in the ground" meetings that force the leadership team to reevaluate where they are relative to where they want to be and whether their action plans are changing the status quo quickly enough.
  • It provides a quarterly forum for recognizing opportunities/threats and developing responses with appropriate urgency.
  • It provides a forum for discussions and resolution of issues that don't lend themselves to operational meetings.

Use strategic planning to create your future

Strategic planning is creating a vision of the future and managing toward that expectancy. It's operating under a vision, mission, and strategy umbrella that focuses the organization's effort. It's an effective process for aligning your short-term decisions with your long-term goals.

Strategic planning answers the four big questions:

  • Where are we today?
  • Where do we want to be in the future?
  • What should we be focused on today, in order to make it more likely we will be where we want to be in the future?
  • How do we make it happen?

It is a simple process with an incredible power to energize your organization and bridge the gap between long-term vision and day-to-day tactics. One way to visualize the process is as a pyramid, with vision forming the stable base and rapidly evolving tactical action steps at the top.

Properly done, the strategic planning process customizes itself around the unique issues of each organization.

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What's the quickest path to these benefits?

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Be proactive and create the future you'll have to live with

Five years ago where did you think you'd be today? Where do you want to be five years from now? Columbus didn't reach the New World by standing on the stern of the Santa Maria and setting course from its wake.