For non-profits

  • Clarifies the roles of Board Members, the Executive Director, and staff
  • Engages the board, energizing and activating them
  • Fosters cohesiveness between Board and staff -- communicates the actual work the staff does
  • Gets team to understand the pragmatic needs of managing the organization
  • Meets funder's need to have outcomes measures -- to guarantee good stewardship of their funds
  • Reminds everyone of the organization's mission and re-focuses/re-energizes them
  • Reveals Board passions, talents, and gaps

Customer feedback

"I've been in these kinds of groupings before and many times not a whole lot is accomplished. This is one of the few times I've been in one of these settings where not only did we accomplish what I expected but went far beyond my expectations. Basically that stems from the leadership of John and George. Even if the Board came together with every intent of doing an outstanding job, or the best job they could, without the direction by the facilitator we would not nearly have accomplished what we have accomplished this weekend."

Gerry Serody, CEO & Chairman - CARE Pharmacies

What's the quickest path to these benefits?

Since 1991, organizations have been discovering that Myrna Associates' strategic planning process -- Total Quality Planning -- is the secret path to success. They have found it to be a powerful and affordable tool for coping with major transitions ranging from near bankruptcy to sudden, massive, and uncontrolled growth.

Our Silver level strategic planning service is the quickest, most reliable way to implement strategic planning. It is a proven process, professionally facilitated, with prompt delivery on the documented plan.

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If our Silver service doesn't meet your current needs, use our how-to book to implement the process yourself.

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