"You transform a conceptual exercise (strategic planning) into a tactical reality. 

Myrna Associates' strategic planning process has directly contributed to our five-fold increase in EBITDA."

Robert Posten, Former Managing Director, tns Landis Strategy & Innovation



John Myrna

Our vision is to motivate every organization to experience the power and the results of the Myrna strategic planning process.

On July 4, 1991, John and his life-long partner --and wife-- Mary, formed Myrna Associates, dedicated to improving the competitiveness of America's small businesses. John's experiences have given him a passionate belief in the power of strategic planning to generate immediate bottom-line results, especially during a growth spurt, turnaround or other transitions.

He distilled what he learned from leading organizations over 20 years into a formal program tailored for the small to medium sized organization. John has poured over two decades of continuous improvement into creating a process that accomplishes more in a two-day team-planning meeting than in the two weeks required by traditional "big company" methods. Even organizations in crisis can find two days to invest in strategic planning for success.