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  • Checklists to help you select the process and facilitator
  • Pointers on the CEO’s role in the strategic planning process
  • Tips on how to surface your company’s strategic issues
  • Pointers on how to establish a vision for the future, establish team consensus on strategic goals, and develop an initial action plan for each goal
  • Pointers on how to implement action plans


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Are you ready for strategic planning?

Table of Contents:

Introduction: What is strategic planning?

Step 1 – Decide whether you are ready to plan

Step 2 – Decide on the process

Step 3 – Decide on the facilitator

Step 4 – Decide to do it now!

Ten Secrets to Strategic Planning Success

 #1. Play your role as CEO and walk the talk

 #2. Use a facilitator

 #3. Select a quality executive team

 #4. Pre-plan the planning meeting

 #5. Use good meeting rules and tools

 #6. Surface the company’s strategic issues

 #7. Establish a vision for the future

 #8. Establish team consensus on the strategic goals

 #9. Develop initial goal action plans during the meeting

 #10. Implement! Implement! Implement!

How to document and implement action plans

Strategic Planning Definitions