Do you hire the best or the best available?

When you’re recruiting to fill a key position, there is a natural impulse to fill the position as soon as possible. Giving in to this impulse can lead to filling the position with someone who lacks the optimal mix of passion, competence, and personal alignment with the job’s requirements.

When you hire a “best available” candidate, the next year or two is usually devoted to the effort of fitting that square peg into a round hole. Denial gives way to anger and negotiation and finally acceptance that “hiring mistakes were made.” The employee sees the light and leaves, or is removed from the job — and the costly hunt for a replacement starts anew.

You are always better off paying the short-term price and continuing to search until you identify a candidate who is the best for the job rather than the best available candidate.

For more insight on identifying what a candidate needs to excel in a job, see The Authority Table™ section of my article on performance reviews.

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