Are we there yet? When will it be finished?

Here is a trick question. Assume someone is working on developing a program that will take 100 hours to finish. If they are able to devote two hours a week to the project, how long will it take to finish?

The obvious answer is 50 weeks. The correct answer is never.

Never? Yes, never! The odds are that the project requirements will change faster than the pace of implementation.

A key strategy for implementation is to set reasonable due dates. I’ve found that making sure that no major project “chunk” takes longer than nine elapsed months works best.

Successful implementations require a proper mix of:

  • features: you need to make sure there is immediate value
  • resources: you need the required quality and quantity
  • timeliness: you need to keep ahead of the curve

Implementation strategies inspired by TQM or Six Sigma start with a productive meeting among the stakeholders to set expectations for quality, quantity, timeliness, and cost. (An End to Meeting Madness documents our decades of experience in facilitating high-stakes meetings.) If you’re interested in having productive meetings that help set your strategy and keep your projects on track, give us a call.

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