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  • Checklists to help you select the process and facilitator
  • Pointers on the CEO’s role in the strategic planning process
  • Tips on how to surface your company’s strategic issues
  • Pointers on how to establish a vision for the future, establish team consensus on strategic goals, and develop an initial action plan for each goal
  • Pointers on how to implement action plans



Our Platinum Service

What you get with the Platinum Service

A strategic planning experience that creates and implements a documented strategic plan complete with vision, mission, five-year strategy, annual strategic goals, and initial 90-day action steps. The process engages the hearts and souls of the Senior Team and Middle Managers through well-organized and facilitated planning meetings. These are meetings that:

  • Solicit independent thoughts about the organization's major issues beforehand, getting individuals thinking about the future.
  • Build trust and understanding by facilitating interactions between team members as they pool their collective insights to create a short, mutually understood, prioritized, and actionable list of the current issues .
  • Build a shared visualization of the future they are all striving to reach.
  • Create the framework that informs their daily focus and prioritization.
  • Identify this year's focus on status quo changes to accelerate motion toward the shared visualization of the future.
  • Incorporate Middle Management's input and establishes their accountability for implementing this year's strategic plan.
  • Sustain commitment and implementation with at least two midcourse review meetings that refresh this year's strategic plan.

Is this the right program for you?

  • Does your organization have a definable Middle Management? (Typically found in organizations with over $100 million in revenue.)
  • Does your organization want to accelerate the implementation of your strategic plan?
  • Do you have a 5- to 12-person Senior Team motivated and able to devote three intense days for the annual planning meeting?
  • Do you have 12 to 30 Middle Managers motivated and able to devote one intense day to developing specific action plans they are accountable for?
  • Are you able to commit the Planning Team and Middle Managers for at least two additional days during the planning year for one-day review meetings to account for progress, and refresh the plan?

One flat fee of $27,900 for the Platinum Service

  • $27,900 fee*, plus expenses, for Myrna Associates that covers the use of our process, processing of pre-annual meeting input, facilitation of the three planning meetings, preparing the Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documentation, creating and shipping planning notebooks with CDs for the Senior Team, and emailing of midcourse revisions to the plan.
  • Myrna Associates guarantees your complete satisfaction with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Additional supporting services available

  • One additional review/renewal meeting.
    (Many organizations find quarterly reviews enhance implementation.)

If this appeals to you, take the next step today and contact us:

To arrange for a complimentary consultation to determine if the program is right for you and you are right for the program, contact us or call us (800)207-8192.

Either way -- good luck with your planning!

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*Fee higher outside the Continental US, surcharges may apply for short notice or larger teams.