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Eight ideas for filling your open positions

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The coach said "I am at bottom of barrel." The owner responded "then you find another barrel." (From the movie The Cutting Edge.)

As unemployment falls below 4%, finding a quality, or any, employee to fill entry-level and key positions has become the priority.

What are the strategies to fill those open positions?

  • Eliminate the need for labor in the 1st place - automation,, ERP, process improvement.

  • Find another barrel - the disabled, ethnic communities, faith-based job training, retired, stay-at-home spouses, vets.

  • Groom prospective employees - college research grants, high school vocational training, internships, work and learn.

  • Hire apprentice with attitude and aptitude - train and retain.

  • Perform an empty chair Kaizen - before filling position, id all tasks prioritized by the value-add and id new ways to do them.

  • Rationalize customer jobs - drop labor intensive jobs.

  • Research other company's solutions - network, search, ask.

  • Retain your best people - competitive compensation, growth opportunities, and most of all, by listening, really listening.

There is no one solution. In today's labor market, success requires exploring all strategies and doubling up on the ones that work.

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