The Chemistry of Strategy tm Newsletter January 31, 2018

The five secrets for ending meeting madness

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When asked “are you trying to lower the number of meetings?” Microsoft CEO's answer was simple and pointed. “It’s not the number of meetings that matter, it’s the effectiveness of the meetings.”

26 years of professionally facilitating the most important of meetings – status quo changing strategic planning – have highlighted five key ingredients of effective meetings.

  1. The right team. pick 5-12 individuals that have the experience, reach, and insight to understand and share all the relevant elements. Individuals who can and will be personally accountable for both the implementation and consequences of implementing those decisions.
  2. Meeting rules and roles Insure all members of the team understand and follow them. (Link to rules and roles.)
  3. Consensus decisions where every member of the team can honestly say “While this wasn’t necessarily the decision I’d make if it was up to me alone, it makes sense for the company.”
  4. Personal accountability for every element of decisions. (Personal as in a single, named individual – nothing left to “the team”, everyone, the Sales dept., or a gaggle of names.)
  5. Utilizing a proven methodology for running the meeting with a neutral facilitator and a team commitment for regular follow-up on both the decisions and their implementation.

Effective meetings have been proven to be the best tools for ensuring that the desired outcomes don’t get lost in the myriad of daily challenges.

Paraphrasing Winston Churchill. “Indeed it has been said that meetings are the worst tool of management except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…”

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