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How do engaged employees behave?

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"We want to engage employees!" The management team was reviewing its progress in implementing the company’s new strategic plan. "The key to success," the CEO said, "is getting the entire company engaged." Before we developed specific actions, I asked the team what employee behaviors would signal true engagement. Here’s what they included on the list:

·         They act within the company's core values and espouse them.

·         They are observably connected -- you can see that employees are committed, prioritizing their daily actions based on what's best for the company.

·         They contribute, personally creating value.

·         They deliver results -- even if they initially must be pulled along by the ear.

·         They expect, request and provide feedback.

·         They figure out the missing pieces of any task on their own.

·         They have an ownership mentality.

·         They have the expectation of participating, asking "How can I help?"

·         They help shape company processes, including strategic planning.

·         They live, communicate and advocate the company's strategic plan to others.

·         They understand the company's strategic direction and strategy and what it means to them.

·         They understand that they make a difference -- that they are important.

Having articulated how engaged employees should behave, the management team then developed an action plan to nurture and sustain these behaviors.

Implementation is essential for any successful strategic plan.  The most powerful implementation strategy is achieving full employee engagement. Set objectives before you embark on a program to engage employees so you can judge your success and adjust accordingly. 

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"Management is doing things right,
leadership is doing the right things." -Peter Drucker

How long have you been saying that you are going to develop your strategic plan, but you haven't yet done so? Why? Perhaps it remains on your to-do list because it feels like a huge, laborious process and you haven't the time to spare to do it. Peak-performing companies have a clearly defined strategic plan…and it doesn't have to take long to create an effective one.

Your executive team costs you over a million dollars a year. Are you fully utilizing them? It's a waste of time and money to create a plan that they don't own and implement.

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