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Is your company ready for a corporate reboot?

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On Tuesday, April 14, President Obama’s team proclaimed the first positive signs in the economy. Specifically, they said, the “sharp decline in economic activity may be slowing” and “this leveling out of economic activity is the first step toward recovery.”

Many CEOs that I’m talking to are reacting positively to these reports that the recession may have bottomed out. Even though they know the recovery will be slow and long-term, these leaders want to be ready for any new levels of activity. So, they are planning to “reboot” their companies now.

In Microsoft terminology, a corporate reboot is a “Ctrl/Alt/Del” action. Specifically, companies do this when they want to:

  1. Regain Control in order to move from being reactive to proactive;
  2. Develop Alternate direction and vision; and
  3. Quickly Delete everything that no longer fits.

Is your company ready for a corporate reboot?

Below is a quick rundown of the activities to meet these objectives. (For more information you can visit my Website at: or attend my Webinar on April 23 when I’ll be talking about how to protect your bottom line and grow profits.)

1. Regain Control in order to move from being reactive to proactive.

In this activity, CEOs come up with plans to:

  • Reduce recurring expenses immediately.
  • Guard cash while restoring profitability.
  • Protect value - their assets and people.
  • Return to growth.

2. Develop Alternate direction and vision.

To accomplish this objective, CEOs bring in a facilitator to help their leadership teams formulate a new direction for their company. This activity occurs during a two-day offsite. Champions are then assigned to each action step for completion in 30, 60 and 90 days

3. Quickly delete everything that no longer fits.

Once the strategic plan is in place, many company assets, including certain products and services, property and facilities, and people and processes no longer fit into the new picture. Corporate leaders must reallocate or divest of these assets as quickly and conscientiously as possible in order to move toward improved profitability and future success.

John W. Myrna

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