• VMS - Client Recognition

    Our congratulations to
    Visual Marking Systems
    who has gotten a great write up
    in the February 2018 issue of 
    Business in Focus



  • John's newest book

    The Chemistry of Strategy
    Strategic Planning for the
    Not-Yet-Fortune 500

    is now available. Understand the  what, why, and how of turning vision into reality.

  • Our Platinum Service

    We are pleased to announce a new service for larger companies. It fully engages the next level of management in the planning process.



  • The Progress Pyramid™

    Myrna Associates' Progress Pyramid. A process for going from reactionary day-to-day operations to visionary 3-5 year strategic planning.




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    Receive a free sixteen-page report, "Are you ready for strategic planning" yours free! Download it today.




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